In November… We went to Bali!!!

And three of the companions with whom we shared this diving trip to Bali, tell us how they lived it.

We started with Carlos, a consecrated diver:

"What to say about a diving trip in a paradisíacal place with the best company…
After 16 hours of flight with stopover in Doha we joined (my daughter and I) in the group, in the second week of travel.
We arrived in an open, friendly and welcoming country. The combination of landscapes and atypical nature is breathtaking: 4000 m volcanoes, rainforest, paradisiacal beaches and the combination of the Java Sea with the Indian Ocean creates an explosion of marine diversity difficult to see in other enclaves.

We take advantage of in just 5 days, diving in the best enclaves of the island:

  • Tulamben (USAT Liberty Wreck and Coral Garden) which deserves a separate explanation.
  • Amed: with its Pyramids, biotopes that promised, but it was in the Drop Off that we enjoyed with numerous turtles, rays, riflemen, moray eels, corals an explosion of color and life in a very simple but exciting dive.
  • Candidasa: we traded the Java Sea for the Indian Ocean which meant going from 30 to 20-25 degrees and from flat sea to a slight swell, but that meant enjoying being next to a group of whitetip sharks resting in a cave where excitement and adrenaline invaded us in Gili Biaha.
  • Then, a second dive in Gili Mimpang, where small caves and meadows of hard corals form an idyllic point, where to see all kinds of fish of colors and sizes, turtles and the small and extremely strong sea mantis that with their spread surprised us.
  • Nusa Penida: After 40 minutes of sailing from Candidasa we arrive at Crystal Bay. A spectacular point when facing beautiful white sand beaches full of palm trees, is known for the encounters with Mola Mola of up to 2 tons that unfortunately we could not see. Although we enjoy numerous marine life, including turtles, immense moray eels and all kinds of fish of colors and shapes. Our second dive point was Manta Point but as we needed an excuse to come back, we couldn't enjoy the huge, majestic blankets, leaving us a bittersweet squeaking.
It's hard to think about what your best dive has been.

But I don't lie when I say that the USAT Liberty Wreck in Tulamben occupies that place, either at dawn watching a group of Napoleon parrot fish of 2.5 m and 200 kg preparing to leave the shelter of the wreck and get lost in the blue , entertain yourself with groupers, moray eels, rays, turtles, electric clams, leaffish, Frog fish, coral, immense gorgonians and all the macro life imaginable that at night only wins whole. If we add to this a temperature of 30 degrees in the water, flat sea, spectacular visibility, at a distance of 30 m from the beach and very little current makes you only think about when I will return.
In Candidasa we stayed in a spectacular villa by the sea where bathing in the pool at night or having a massage at dusk in the garden, among palm trees became something natural. The place and staff far surpasses many 5-star resorts.
The group was amazing, all different (age, provenance…) we adapted without difficulty, with good vibes and camaraderie, they made short the days, getting to make new friends and be more friends with my friends."

Follow Maritza, although as it is from home, I do not know how impartial it will be… 😊😊😊

"I am a fan of traveling, knowing and touring the world but always calm, relaxing and very good organization… But I had doubts about signing up for the trip to Bali, because I don't like extreme experiences, I don't like diving, nor am I an adrenaline lover. However, I found it interesting to accompany my partner in their passion and to know an exotic country that was on my list of places to visit.
Travel, organization, staff, and company couldn't be better!! It was a perfect combination of adventure, relaxation, tourism, diving, comfort, tranquility, fun and disconnection.
We did tourist routes, beach days, shopping, walks on paradisiacal beaches, night talks, impromptu excursions. and Raul, my husband, enjoyed many days of exotic diving and was impressed by the experience.

It was the perfect match for both of us.

And I'm convinced it could have been accomplished with someone other than MARdEhIELO.
Sergio and Pili are luxury organizers and do their best to please and make everyone who travels with them feel good, their contagious joy and their particular way of radiating positivism, make you enjoy every moment and that a group with personalities and tastes  totally different can feel super at ease and enjoy everyone equally.
I would repeat without hesitation any trip with them!""

And finally Neus, who filled us with the journey of joy and positivism:

"I would definitely repeat the experience of the diving trip to Bali. So much for the group we went, how much for the experience itself. It was a very complete trip, where we had cultural views (we visited for example temples or rice paddies), rest, snorkeling (those of us who did not dive). And always, paradise beaches!!!

I would definitely recommend it. I hope to repeat one day!!! A 10!!!"

And we…

with opinions like that, we can only (and should) organize, as soon as possible, the next diving trip