Red Sea 2020: Special North Route Pecios

You all know the attractiveness of the Red Sea to divers, and for the clueless, we leave the LINK to a documentary of “la2″😊😊😊

October 3-12, 2020

This year will be a very special year and we have decided to make life on board on a Great Luxury Yacht, the 5-star cruise ship.

After three years on the waiting list, it’s finally ours! A large yacht, practically new, about 40 meters in style with large cabins and dream baths.

The luxury, design, spaciousness and comfort of the facilities are unmatched. Nothing to do with the usual onboard life stous we’re used to.

  • The well-soundproofed cabins all have individually air conditioning and in the bathrooms, the least worried will be the space.
  • In the living room, with noble woods and upholstery chosen in great detail, will be the place to make our buffet meals as if we were in a select restaurants of the place, cooked by one of the most desired chefs of life aboard the Red Sea 🙂
  • Four decks allow there to always be a space to evade.
  • The TV lounge allows us to share free time or rest after meals.
  • Support boats bring us closer to the dive point without consuming air along the way.
  • The diving deck is wide, let’s not forget that four times a day will be our workplace.
  • The bathing platform, with two comfortable stairs, is very close to the water sheet facilitating access to the boats or the sea.
  • In addition there is a solarium to get home tostadito
  • Needless to say: The cleanliness and hygiene of the spaces as well as the safety in all the diving processes are several of the things that in mARdEhIELO we are most concerned to make us feel as if we dive in our facilities.

All this and much more is what has made us opt for this boat.

But, the best thing is the price. The wait brought its fruit and we have been able to offer it at a price comparable to a life on board in mid-range, with the incentive that we will also make the special route of wrecks of the Red Sea.

HERE you can download a dossier in PDF where you can get the complete information about this trip