Maltese pecios

Malta, our trip from 5 to 12 October 2019

In 2019 we wanted to try something new, we had been told about Malta as a good diving destination. It is nearby, in direct flight from Barcelona, we arrive to the capital in about two hours, it is not expensive country that always and one of the two official languages is English, with little shame and four words, communicating is simple.

Malta is an archipelago with very good characteristics for diving.

-Its waters are warm, in summer they are around 27o and in winter they do not usually fall below 15o.

-In the clear waters of the Maltes archipelago (Malta, Comino and Gozo) dominate the turquoise blues stoked by their sandy bottoms. Overall, visibility is very good.

-The Maltese coast is full of bays, coves and grottos that are a great attraction for divers and their seabed, rich in fauna, as in flora. In addition, on the bottoms of Malta, rest numerous sunken ships, mostly visitable. Among them are several wrecks from the World Wars, planes and other more recent ships.

On our first route to Malta (sure we repeat), we follow this itinerary:

First day in diving:

Pecio Um El Faroud. very close to the small bay of Wied Iz-Zurrieq, from which the boats depart to see the Blue Grotto, about 7 minutes swimming or diving between two waters, from the point of immersion, we find the wreck. They are the remains of an oil tanker making journeys between Libya and Italy. In 1995, during repairs, one of its tanks was accidentally exploded, killing 9 shipyard workers. It did not sail again, in 1998 they decided to sink it for the creation of an artificial reef.

Second day of diving:

Pecio MV Karwela: To the southeast of Gozo, about 60 meters of navigation from the point of immersion, we arrive at the remains an old ferry of 51 m long, is in good condition and the three decks are kept. The ship sank in August 2006 to create an artificial reef. The upper deck is at a depth of 30 m, and the sandy bed about 40 m.

Pecio Cominoland: To the southeast of Gozo, about 70 meters of navigation from the point of immersion, we arrived at the remains an old ferry that was used for tourist excursions to Comino. It is in good condition and both decks are kept. The ship sank in August 2006 to create an artificial reef. The upper deck is at a depth of 32 m, and the sandy bed about 40 m.

Third day of diving:

Anchor bay: It is a beautiful bay surrounded by cliffs that lies northwest of the island of Malta, the point of immersion, is located in front of the famous Popeye Village, a theme park made with the set of the film Popeye, the movie (1979), with Robin Williams. On the south side there is a wall full of small vaults and nooks, about 20 minutes of navigation, we find a cavern with an air chamber a few meters from the entrance, where we can surface. On the north side, across the bay a sandy bottom is The Anchor, the anchor of more than 3 meters in length, which gives the bay its name.

Fourth day of diving

Blue hole: In Dwejra, west of the island of Gozo, there is a small hole, totally round that descends to 17 m, to reach it, you have to walk about 5 minutes, through uncomfortable terrain, especially when loaded with the whole equipment.

5 meters below the dive point, we cross an arch that takes us to the open sea, we surround the reef until we pass through the gigantic rocks that left the famous Azure Window after its collapse, to which we turn on the left, then we ascend by a chim ensea and following the wall we will return to the Blue Hole. Just before emerging, we will visit a small cavern that is located at the bottom of the dive point.

Inland sea: Just behind the Blue Hole, there is a small inland sea that communicates with the outside by a narrow canyon 27 meters deep and approximately 100 meters long. On the surface, they take boat trips.

The dive runs through this canyon, until we reach the open sea, where we follow the wall on the left. The return is made by the same itinerary.

Diving through the canyon, it highlights the low luminosity of the interior and the attractive backlights for underwater photography.

Fifth day of diving

Pecio P- 29: At Cirkkewa Point about 5 minutes’ swim from the coast, are the sunken remains of a German ship that since 1996 was part of the Maltese patrolboats.
The ship sank in August 2007 to create an artificial reef. The sandy bottom is about 36 m away.

The wreck is in very good condition, the penetration in the engine and machinery room is easily accessible, perhaps the best known is its bow machine gun, put a posteriori, since it is not original of the wreck.

Pecio Rozi: At Cirkkewa Point about 150 meters from the coast, are the sunken remains of a tugboat who for years was working at Grand Harbor.
The boat, which rests on a sandy bed about 32 meters away, is in good condition. It sank in 1992 to create an artificial reef.

But it wasn’t all diving, we stayed in two spectacular apartments in the St John area, in the mornings “on the water”, but in the afternoons we took the opportunity to see the surroundings of the dive spots, dine and have a drink.

We had such a good time, we will repeat the trip !!!…