Diving under ice in the Aragonese Pyrenees

As every year and due to the boom and desire to dive under ice, this year we return with ice diving in Panticosa.

HERE you can see what the activity consists of, which will be done, what is needed, how much it costs, schedules what qualifications you need or what you can do according to your degree.

Triángulo de entrada y salida del buceo bajo hielo

We offer special packs for closed groups of divers.

But if in addition to ice diving, you want to spend a weekend with friends or family, we are looking for accommodation in the valley. We can also organize alternative activities, such as racquet tours or ski days in the Panticosa, Formigal, Astún, Candanchú or the Somport.

Diving under ice in the Aragonese Pyrenees: From Zaragoza, Huesca or Teruel, you are very close. You can't miss it!

Diving under ice, from Barcelona and Madrid or from the rest of the provinces of other autonomous communities, will be an unforgettable experience.

Antes de iniciar el buceo bajo hielo, revisión general

There are several ways to perform the activity. Cheer up if you just want to try it and do a baptism of diving under ice, if you want to do some immersion or if you want to take the diving course under ice.

Are you like a low advanced diver, 2 stars or higher? Then you can do the activity and rate at the end if you dare to take the certification of a diver under ice.

Are you open water or 1 star or equivalent? DO NOT WORRY that you will not be left without diving under ice. Because THE TRAINING standard of PADI allows us to do such immersion as part of the advanced open water course.

What does that mean? For not only will you be able to make such immersion, like any of the friends who accompany you, but you will be able to certify this dive as one of the three voluntary dives, adventure, of the five that make up the advance open water course. Thus, if you one day decide to become an advanced diver you will already have one of the five dives that the course requires, the better impossible…

Contact us and without any obligation we will explain you extensively.